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inepro cashless solutions

A single card solution for cashless
catering, vending and printing.

Inepro is an intelligent suite of cashless, payment and management systems and is part of the single-card Integrated RFID solution offered by Osborne Technologies.

The Inepro Back Office Suite or IBOS as it is known, is a versatile management console which sits at the heart of the Inepro solution and provides services such as cashless catering, cashless vending and managed print and document solutions through a number of software modules.

DocuPRO is a document accounting module which provides secure, follow me & you printing, paid printing and copying and even public printing and copying solutions. Docupro is a rules-based system which allows you to take payments for document functions such as printing or copying or to simply track these operations for accounting and reporting purposes.

DocuPro is a brand independent software & hardware solution for use with any make or model of printer or Multifunctional device. An embedded solution is also available on some devices.

CashPRO adds cashless catering, vending and point-of-sale solutions to the suite providing a complete cashless environment utilising a single contactless ID card. PosPRO is a comprehensive point-of-sale solution designed for touch-screen POS hardware and supports receipt printers, customer displays and Inpero integrated cashless card readers for an integrated payment solution. By eliminating the need for catering staff to handle cash, CashPRO leads to a faster and more efficient canteen service, more accuracy and improved hygiene, all of which can contribute to a greater uptake of in-house catering services and increased revenue.

For companies or campuses without in-house catering facilities, Inepro has a solution for unattended or unsupervised retail and refreshment systems such as vending machines. The Inepro integrated vending controller features a contactless smartcard reader and is designed to work with any vending machines that support standardised protocols like, Executive, MDB or MDB-EVS. This vending controller can replace the traditional coin-payment mechanism to provide an integrated cashless payment solution allowing payments to be deducted from a single centralised account.

A number of options are available for reloading, that is adding credit to, centralised accounts. These include a range of self-service reloading kiosks, staff operating manual reloading units and even web-based reloading services. Accounts can be credit using coins, notes or credit and debit cards as required.

Combined public and private solutions can also be provided and suit a variety of scenarios such as in public libraries for example where Inepro can allow local authority employees to authenticate and pay for printing services using their ID card, and a centralised account alongside members of the public who are required to pay for individual prints and copies.

Inepro even provides a cloud printing solution which allows anyone, even members of the public to print from any internet connected device including laptops and notebooks, iPads and iPhones, smartphones and android devices to public printers or photocopiers via the internet. This solution is ideal for airports, train stations, service stations, hotels, public spaces and even retail environments such as supermarkets and shopping malls.

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"Once we had seen the hardware and software in operation over in the Netherlands, the solution fits our cashless needs with ease of operation to our many foreign student users and the implementation of the solution by Osborne Technologies was effortless. The iBos software solution offers great flexibility in the configuration of users, payment of services and the hardware, like card readers or cash operated account loaders have been very robust in operation, better still we only have to contact one company for IT issues."

Manoj Parekh - IT Director
Greenwich School of Mangement



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